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TF2 Hat Generator V5.exe ((HOT))

fft: Fast Fourier Transform with the fftw package fit: Several examples illustrating minimization/fitting foam: Random generator in multidimensional space geom: Examples of use of the geometry package (TGeo classes) gl: Visualisation with OpenGL graphics: Basic graphics graphs: Use of TGraph, TGraphErrors, etc. gui: Scripts to create Graphical User Interface hist: Histograming image: Image Processing io: Input/Output math: Maths and Statistics functions matrix: Matrices (TMatrix) examples mlp: Neural networks with TMultiLayerPerceptron net: Network classes (client/server examples) physics: LorentzVectors, phase space pyroot: Python tutorials pythia: Example with pythia6 quadp: Quadratic Programming ruby: ruby tutorials smatrix: Matrices with a templated package spectrum: Peak finder, background, deconvolutions splot: Example of the TSplot class (signal/background estimator) sql: Interfaces to SQL (mysql, oracle, etc) thread: Using Threads tmva: Examples of the MultiVariate Analysis classes tree: Creating Trees, Playing with Trees unuran: Interface with the unuram random generator library xml: Writing/Reading xml files

TF2 Hat Generator V5.exe

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