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Muthu Malayalam Magazine: The Best Source of Malayalam Literature and Culture

He was a master of both Sanskrit and Malayalam languages. He showed great interest in literature and was a prolific writer himself. He has now concentrated on writing as a hobby since he had retired from Government service as a Professor at Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. He had been Editor of Publications Department from Ayurveda College, Trivandrum and Sanskrit Journal, Delhi, Malayalam Journal, Kerala Sanskrit Academy, Marathi Journal, Prabodhan, etc. He edited and wrote four books in Sanskrit i.e., Palaka-Rasastra, Mahapatna-Rasastra, Siyamantapatnam-Rasastra and Marashil-Rasastra.

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In the year 1978 he published a book titled Marashil-Rasastra. This book had more than 1000 pages and it covered basic knowledge of Indian astrology. Presently this book is coming out with an English version. This book has become a book of reference among the scholars in the field of Malayalam Astrology. Because of its scope and content and because of its large number of pages, he found difficulty in publishing it as a book. He took up the challenge and completed the work. The book is being published in five volumes in a serial pattern. All volumes have been published. For this he has received many honours. It is published by Arya Publishing House. Please refer to

In this book he has been able to provide information related to the Science of Indian astrology along with providing the remedies on the basis of the birth chart. I give a miss to those who are criticizing the book because it has gained popularity all over the country. It has been appreciated by all scientists in the field of astrology. It has solved most of the problems pertaining to science of astrology. This is the greatest achievement of his life. It is published in five volumes. It has been published under the editorship of Prof. N.E. Muthuswami.

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