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Mrs. Duncan (Alyssa Preston) is Tyler's mom and she's obsessed with his acting career. She always wants to put him in commercials, and in the episode Big Time Break she tried to put him in a diaper commercial. With the help of Katie and the boys, Tyler is able to hide from her. Also, she claims for her son Tyler be "adorable". In Big Time Girl Group, she began a friendship with Katie and Mrs. Knight. She claims that she wanted the chance for a better life for her son, which is why she is so obsessed with his acting career. In the end, they come up with the plan of no auditions for Tyler until after 3 p.m., so that he can have fun time and she still has a chance at the 'big time'. Though she stated that she will continue to chase after Tyler, neither her nor her son have been seen since Big Time Girl Group.

bud redhead the time chase 1.3 crack

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