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Family For Christmas YIFY

There seems to be a lot of sarcastic comments on this (and the other two Flintstone Xmas specials) referring to the fact that even a modern stone age family cannot celebrate. I might have been one of them, but if you are the type of person who is going to seriously judge a satirical cartoon where humans use dinosaurs as slaves for their household appliances then perhaps you should be locked in a cold, dark room for a long spell.In this one, which received an Emmy nomination, Fred takes in a homeless orphan boy called Stoney and tries to give him the best Xmas ever. The enthusiastic kid tries to help but instead makes lots of trouble for Fred.It's a great cartoon, and certainly one of the best Xmas specials.

Family for Christmas YIFY

*** SPOILERS AHEAD ****As disturbing, dystopian horror movies and black comedies go, I thought this one was pretty good. The main character, a relatively content and successful person, is sent by a creepy "Santa" into an alternate universe (because he says she made a wish without knowing it) where she loses everything she worked her whole life towards, and is thrust into an awkward and macabre "family" where she has two "daughters" and a "husband" with whom she shares nothing in common and has no semblance of familial chemistry or even congruity.She is forced to try to adapt to this nightmare by changing everything that made her who she is, and becoming what those people demand her to be. When she finally gets to a point where she is barely able to survive in that environment, the creepy "Santa" puts her back into her original life. The circumstances are so disorienting and traumatic for her that she finds herself unable to deal with her original life, she begs "Santa" to put her back in the alternate universe and he says he can't, and then the movie ends. I didn't notice if any credit for story inspiration was given to Franz Kafka.For me, packaging the movie in the usual Hallmark style production elements made it even more effective as horror, and I will have difficulty sleeping. Fortunately, outside of Lacey Chabert's performance, which as always comes across as sincere and natural, there was not a single note in the movie which rang true, so I will be able to forget the experience of watching it soon. I'm glad the movie premiered in July, because I prefer not to watch horror movies during the actual Christmas season.

Drew Latham (Ben Affleck) is a lonely wealthy executive who tries to visit his childhood home. He finds the Valcos (James Gandolfini, Catherine O'Hara, Christina Applegate, Josh Zuckerman) living there now, and he pays them to have a fun family Christmas with.Ben Affleck is trying too hard. He's faking it too hard. I guess it's a black comedy, but it doesn't have the edge to be one. If it's a farce, Affleck doesn't have the comedic chops to pull it off. If it's a sentimental Christmas movie, the setup is too awkward. It really can't be justified as anything more than a miss. Gandolfini and O'Hara actually can't find any laughs which is a tough feat for O'Hara. At least, Applegate gives the movie a small amount of heart. But I can't figure out Affleck in this.

Cute story for a Hallmark Christmas movie.But the best part was having Bruce Campbell in it. Had Bruce Campbell not starred in this movie, this would have just been another typical Hallmark movie. But suddenly you add Bruce Campbell and it's now a Hallmark movie starring Bruce Campbell!Bruce Campbell steals the spotlight in every scene he's in (and that's a good thing). He may have starred in a corny Christmas Hallmark movie. But he sure brought a flair to it.Story wise, its a relatable situation to families. And sure the plots abd twists can get corny, but remember it's a Hallmark movie. And it tries to blend family connections and Christmas times together.

Not like most of hallmarks movies. This movie the focus was on family and not finding your love. It was about a woman trying to get to know her biological father and the family he built without him knowing that. The story worked because there was no big drama with will she tell him or not. They focused on the story her getting to know them and they her. I loved that the reveal wasn't this big melodramatic moment but more calm, you don't need the big reveals sometimes.There was romance,how can you not? But again it didn't take from the lead story.I loved the actors they all did great work in this movie , the setting was the south and not in snow land , NO FAKE SNOW. I think it helped the story with some south costumes.One of the better hallmark movies this Year.

The role of Santa has been passed down from father to son since the first Saint Nick. North Pole is a highly organized high-tech gift-delivery home base for Santa under the snow. After 70 years, his type-A son Steve expects him to retire but he doesn't. His other son is the bumbling Arthur Christmas. There is one missed delivery and Steve claims it's impossible to deliver it with the limited time remaining. Santa agrees but Arthur is unwilling to let it go. With the help of Grandpa and the older sleigh, he intends to complete the mission.I love the dysfunctional Santa family. It's a fun take. It's also clever and fresh. The highly inappropriate old fashion Grandpa Santa is hilarious. Arthur is likable. There isn't really an evil villain. This is just a bickering family that ultimately loves each other. It's a lot of fun, joy, happiness, heart and family.

I've enjoyed this movie ever since I've first seen it back in the 80s and still enjoy it today. The special FX are decent especially for the era this film came out of but better than most(Santa Claus conquers the Martins). The plot of drilling for oil at the North Pole area is unique. And Santa's dislike of the song "Jingle Bells" can be agreed upon by most during the Christmas season. The scenes of Northpole City are very creative. The use of technology however does take a little away from the mystery surrounding Santa Claus but then people today want everything answered with science. The movie helps make Santa into a more realistic character. A highly enjoyable film for the whole family.

Many kids will probably be needing bathroom breaks while watching this when it involves men preparing to blast near the North Pole for oil in a way that will destroy Santa's Village. They will be overcome with the holiday spirit however when Jacqueline Smith and her brood of kids are taken by elf Paul Williams to Santa's lair in a magical sleigh and get to see firsthand how he operates. Art Carney of "The Honeymooners" and the Oscar winner for "Harry and Tonto" is very good as Santa, and June Lockhart plays his loving wife.We get to learn that Santa Claus is tired of "Jingle Bells", urging the else to sing other Christmas Carols, but basically a gregarious man whose agenda is to prevent Christmas from being destroyed by the greed of these oil blasters. That part of the story is probably necessary but is dull and takes away from the magic that occurs when they rnz lavish looking North Pole sets. The blast however reveal how cheap the sets were, shaking the walls as if they were thin plasterboard. Billy Curtis of "The Wizard of Oz" plays one of the inventor elves, and his voice is instantly recognizable from the all-time great family classic. This is enjoyable as a holiday time passer, but not one that I would sit through here after you are like other classics.

This film carried me through my parents separation when i was Twelve years old. I was left in a total state of shock which imprisoned me in my bedroom for several weeks with the only comfort being the television, VCR and a copy of all i want for christmas.I can't honestly say what it is I like about this film, it could be one thing or a million is completely mesmorising. From the bad acting to the in-film songs......this film is a classic.Having seen the film now around 200 times I know the complete script off by heart and can pre-empt every forthcoming scene with childish glee.Opening scene"From the top" "God bless thee......"I am not mental

I think I'm beginning to realize that its very easy to have exactly the right expectations when going into a Christmas film. You can read a synopsis or even a title in some cases and you should know exactly what it will be. All I Want For Christmas is one of those films. Its not amazing, its not terrible, its a cute, fun, family friendly movie about two kids trying to get their parents back together. Its similar to Parent Trap (though not as good) and set at Christmas to give it some ambiance. The cast is good, the story is good, the direction is good...everything is good. Someone looking for something unique or extremely emotional won't find it here. This is mildly predictable and obvious and you know how it will turn out and it doesn't try to extend itself outside of the box.Ethan Embry and Thora Birch are insatiably adorable as the O'Fallon siblings who want nothing more than their beloved parents to be back together again. Both have decent charisma on screen and they are really good together. They are definitely believable as mildly trouble makers with a plan. Harley Jane Kozak and Jamey Sheridan are their parents and they are also good in their roles. They suit the roles, they're believable and entertaining without being anywhere near mind blowing. The film even features a couple of legends in small supporting roles, Lauren Bacall and Andrea Martin.The best way to describe this film is a cute made for TV type film. I actually think it probably had a theatrical release but it has more of that feel to it. It definitely has a certain nostalgic feel to it for a lot of 80's kids and they love it for that reason and there is nothing wrong with that but if you're going into it now as an adult for the first time, you'll find it mildly entertaining but mostly forgettable. If you look at director Robert Lieberman you'll see a long history of Television specials which definitely plays into the feel of the film. He is all over the board for genre but if he plays everything simple enough he could spread himself over various genres. I feel like I've trashed this movie throughout this review but that isn't my intention. Its just very simple and very cute but not much more. It was still fun to watch. 7/10 041b061a72

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