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Buy Revo Sunglasses Online

Rollin' since 1985, Revo sunglasses have lead the industry in performance eyewear and polarized lens technology for 30 years. Founded on advanced technology and innovation, Revo sunglasses utilize lens technology created by NASA for satellite solar protection. Yes, that's right. NASA and Revo use the same lens technology. Shop the collection of Revo polarized sunglasses online at SportRx for some of the coolest sunglasses out there. READ MORE READ LESS

buy revo sunglasses online

Revo uses the same technology as NASA and that is incredibly cool. But how does that make your experience of wearing Revo glasses better? It starts with the quality of lenses you are getting when you buy a pair of Revo sunglasses. To start, they are 100% UV protected and block against harmful blue light so that protects your eyes from strain or potential damage. All their glasses are also polarized and some of the lenses are even shatterproof. They also offer 9 different lenses that are optimal for different activates. For example, the Graphite lens is ideal for outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, baseball or even skiing.

Need Revo prescription sunglasses? We've got you covered with custom prescription lenses for unparalleled performance in your Revo prescription sunglasses. Choose from a range of lens options from lined bifocals and progressive lenses, to photochromic lenses, lens tints, and mirror coatings. Shop Revo prescription sunglasses online or call or chat with our friendly opticians 7 days a week. Please contact us with any questions you may have about Revo sunglasses or prescription lenses and we will be happy to help.

At SmartBuyGlasses you are guaranteed a Revo sunglasses warranty of two years, as well as a price match and 100 days to return if necessary. For the Revo sunglasses sale, head to our deals page. To be the first to hear about great offers, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Known as the leader in polarised lens technology, Revo first created by utilising lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites. 30 years on they are offering one of the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarised sunglasses.

Get New Lenses Fitted In Your Frame. Has your prescription changed? Lenses damaged, scratched or broken? Bought frames online but now need your lenses fitting? Reglaze glasses and keep your current frame.

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VS000: Vintage Revo 850 001 Grand Classic sunglasses feature hard to find Revo purple mirror lenses in a matte black frame, one of the earliest and most iconic styles of vintage Revos c 1980s. The nose pads are imbedded in the black matte frame, so you get the comfort of a nice celluloid nose pad that doesn't detract from the clean, retro lines of these stylish vintage sunglasses. The French frame is made of a rigid carbon fiber composite material, more rigid than plastic but lightweight. Tell Me More

VS001: Vintage Revo 953 001 Combo Round sunglasses, also known later as the Circle Executive, feature Revo blue mirror lenses set in a high contrast matte black frame - a icon of vintage sunglasses style from the 1980s. The intricately etched ear stems and nose bridge are a nice contrast to the matte black front frame, and you'll find the Revo logo impressed in the metal on the exterior of both stems. The highly reflective blue mirror lenses are particularly eye catching against the black frame. Tell Me More

VS003: Vintage Revo 962 010 Oval sunglasses with rare green mirror lenses and matte black ear stems are one of the most sought after styles of vintage sunglasses in the market today. The metal portions of the frame are an antique gold with black highlights that really bring out and complement the black ear stems, and you'll find the Revo logo embossed on the exterior of each stem. Highly reflective, the Revo green mirrored lenses provide stealth privacy while protecting your eyes. Tell Me More

VS004: Vintage Revo 962 001 Oval sunglasses with blue mirror lenses and tortoise shell ear stems are one of the most sought after styles of sunglasses ever produced regardless of the brand. Nothing looks better than real Revo tortoise shell ear stems coupled with their highly reflective blue mirror mineral glass lenses, and the size and shape of Revo 962 sunglasses suits a wide variety of both men's and women's faces. Tell Me More

VS005: Vintage Revo 973 008 Advanced Circle sunglasses feature Revo purple mirror lenses and tortoise shell accents above each lens, one of our most requested styles in the iconic Revo 973 collection. The contrast between the tortoise shell, matte black metal frame, and Revo's purple lenses is one of the most eye catching style combos you'll see in vintage designer sunglasses. You'll find the Revo logo impressed in the black metal of each ear stem near the hinges. Tell Me More

VS008: Vintage Revo 1111 011 Python sunglasses feature the iconic Revo gunmetal python frame and stealth mirror H20 polarized lenses to complete the look. One of the most famous pairs of sunglasses ever made and a style synonymous with Revo, Revo 1111 python sunglasses are a shape and size that's always made them popular as both men's and women's sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS010: Vintage Revo 1208 010 Tiburon sunglasses feature an intricately etched antique bronze metal frame with etched Revo logos on the two ear stems at the hinges at which point a transition is made to tortoise shell. The tortoise and etched antique bronze metal are perfectly matched for each other, and the elaborate etching leaves no doubt that these are no plastic drugstore sunglasses. The etching continues across the nose bridge and around the entire perimeter of the Revo H2O polarized lenses. Tell Me More

VS011: Vintage Revo 1107 011 Cobra sunglasses combine the vertically etched gunmetal pewter frame with highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses, one of the most elegant designs in the Revo Shapes collection. Take a good look at the intricate vertical etching that decorates the nose bridge and ear stems of the 1107 gunmetal pewter frame, and no lens goes better with this frame than Revo stealth mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS012: Vintage Revo 953 008 Circle Executive sunglasses feature a tortoise shell front frame, intricately etched metal hinges and ear stems, and rare Revo green mirror lenses. The tortoise shell frame is curvaceous and sized to look great on the face, and the tortoise color is a perfect complement to the highly reflective green mirrored lenses to add that extra bit of design flair. Both ear stems have the Revo logo impressed in the metal, and note the intricately etched metal design of the nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS015: Vintage Revo 970 011 50's Round sunglasses from the Revo Shapes Collection combine a brushed and etched gunmetal pewter frame with Revo's amazing stealth mirror mineral glass lenses into one of the best Revo designs ever produced. Cool design features include the slightly flared at the temple frame shape wider over the tops of the lenses than at the bottom, the brushed gunmetal pewter surface, precise and intricate etching at each temple, and the impressed Revo logo on both ear stems. Tell Me More

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Revo, which popularized blue-mirrored lenses in the ninetiesbut never outgrew the decadeis back with an updated look for summer. The Highsides (pictured) have the same high-tech panes inspired by NASA, but the style is all Generation Y. $189;

Winners of the contest each receive a $500 gift card to; a pair of Revo sunglasses that feature a 100% recycled frame material and a new high contrast polarized water lens that is tailored to the specific light-absorbance profile of ocean water; and a copy of For Cod & Country, the new guide to sustainable seafood from acclaimed Washington D.C. chef and National Geographic Fellow Barton Seaver. All additional finalists will receive the same Revo Sunglasses, a copy of For Cod & Country, and a $100 gift card to 041b061a72

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