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Cryptography And Network Security By Forouzan Behrouz A And Debdeep Mukhopadhyay [VERIFIED]

Cryptography and network security e/2 comprehensively covers the important topics of cryptography and network security. The authors' writing style is simple and lucid, making it easy for readers to understand the subject matter.this edition of cryptography and network security has been updated and revised as per the latest developments that have taken place in this field. The guidebook starts off with basic techniques and gradually builds up to advanced levels. Cryptography and network security e/2 has an introduction to the fundamentals, and then the book is divided into four parts. The first two focus on symmetric and asymmetric key encipherment. The other two cover integrity, authentication and key management, and network security. This edition contains a new chapter on system security, which explains how attacks are conducted against systems and how these systems can be protected. New topics like secure electronic transaction, hash functions, message authentication codes, and biometrics have also been introduced. The authors use fictitious characters to make the content more interesting. Filled with 260 solved examples, 400 exercises, 200 review questions and 400 illustrations, this guidebook makes learning simple and easy. Furthermore, the book also uses pseudo codes to illustrate algorithm implementations. Appendixes a to q contain difficult math concepts like elementary probability, simplified des, and random number generator.any student or practicing professional who needs to learn or revise these subjects can get benefited from this book. Cryptography and network security's second edition, published by mcgraw-hill education in 2010, is available in paperback.

Cryptography And Network Security By Forouzan Behrouz A And Debdeep Mukhopadhyay

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