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Download USBXTAFGUI V31 for Free and Access Your Xbox 360 USB Drives on PC

Find, Download, and extract/setup all of the necessary software for this instructable. Listed in the Software and Stuff step. Plug in the USB that was used in the Prepping the Files step. Then open USBxtafgui v4.4 or 360Revolution load the USB. Then extract the save file by right clicking, then using the extract function. USBxtafgui is much easier to use for this step.

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5.Open the.ROS file in the All-Pro Football 2K8 PC editor. Saving Your Work in the Editor You will notice that any time you hit Save in the editor, a message pops up saying, File still needs to be resigned in order to work in-game. To resign your edited All-Pro Football 2K8 file, open Modio on your PC. Click the M in the upper-left corner of the screen, then choose Open the Resigner. Hit Load File and boot up your All-Pro Football 2K8 roster file. Click Rehash and Resign, and you are done with Modio. Make sure to repeat this process any time you make changes to your All-Pro Football 2K8 roster file. Loading Edited Files Onto Your USB Device For the final step, open USBXTAFGUI on your PC. Open your USB drive, locate your old All-Pro Football 2K8 roster file and delete it.

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