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Sims 3 Highly Compressed 100mb.epub [PORTABLE]

in the sims 2, the characters are randomly generated, with an initial set of traits, skills, and relationships. however, in the sims 3 the characters are more dynamic and can be customized. sims may even develop their own unique personality and quirks, which may affect their behavior. [rx] in addition, the sims 3 includes the ability to create custom content using the in-game studio for the computer, and share it online. [rx]

Sims 3 Highly Compressed 100mb.epub


the sims 3's storyline is designed to be self-contained and does not rely on pre-existing relationships between the sims to be continued. there is a small number of older sims which may remain in the game, and the player may choose to make them the parents of a new sim. [rx] because of the self-contained nature of the game, the player is encouraged to make choices to progress the storyline, and if the player wishes to return to certain locations and activities, they will be able to do so. [rx]

there are pre-made characters that may be downloaded and imported into the sims 3, including those with the "sims 4" add-on installed. the sims 4 also adds new characters. all of the previous characters will continue to appear in the sims 4. additionally, new interactive objects and behaviors are included with the game. these include new career tracks, such as theater and music, as well as tasks and quests. an expansion pack, the sims 4 world adventures, adds new locations, including the exotic countries of romania and turkey. [rx]

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