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The Sandbox Activation Key ##HOT##

However, I was playing around in LFDS, creating and removing another licensing site for our "sandbox" environment (using Sandbox activation license), and when I attempted to re-add the license after a 2nd time, then the app threw me this error:

The Sandbox activation key

So then I noticed that my license count went from 3 to 2 for the Sandbox license count. So then I thought OK, it must just be a 1 time activation. So then I saw that we can use an .exe to deactivate a license:ActivationToolNet4.exe -deactivate -key XXXXXXXXXXX

It appears your production license and sandbox license both have the same site GUID. LFDS will not allow two licensing sites to share a site GUID. It's recommended you have a second LFDS instance somewhere for the sandbox environment (and you can even use a duplicate of your production database there since the site GUID is the same).

Our plan was to have a failover cluster between our production LFDS server and sandbox server for the LFDS service (3-node failover: 1. prod LFDS server, 2. sandbox server with all Laserfiche products pointing to a test SQL environment, other than LFDS service (point to prod SQL), and 3. prod Laserfiche repo file share as tie-breaker), instead of wasting another production VM just to be on standby in case of LFDS service failure. Each VM will on their own VMWare host as well to add an extra layer.

That way, at least we are utilizing all servers at max capacity and at least have some form of a DR plan without going overkill on server resources. I tell myself if it fails over to a sandbox environment (which technically still points to production database) to at least keep the environment up and running, is better than nothing at all. At least it buys us time in the event of a failure.

To get an activation key for your gateway, you make a web request to the gateway VM and it returns a redirect that contains the activation key. This activation key is passed as one of the parameters to the ActivateGateway API action to specify the configuration of your gateway. For more information, see ActivateGateway in the Storage Gateway API Reference.

The request you make to the gateway VM contains the AWS Region in which activation occurs. The URL returned by the redirect in the response contains a query string parameter called activationkey. This query string parameter is your activation key. The format of the query string looks like the following: _ip_address/?activationRegion=activation_region.

To use Avalara AvaTax, you need to install the Avalara AvaTax app in your Shopify admin, and then either connect the AvaTax app to an existing Avalara production or sandbox account, or create a new Avalara production account.

while i do azure course, i am getting error message like 'Your Microsoft account must be linked to a valid email to activate a sandbox. Go to Microsoft Account Settings to link your email and try again.' and hence unable to proceed further.

Entering an email address and agreeing to the terms meant I could continue my lessons. You have to agree if you want to continue learning. It's also the email address used to log into Azure for sandboxes. I tried using a different email address to that of my account but the sandbox and the in-browser cloudshell don't work.

"An error occurred (InvalidRequestException) when calling the CreateAgent operation: Private link configuration is invalid: VPC Endpoint Id should remain unspecified for public-endpoint activation keys"

This error typically occurs when you enter the public activation key for the --activation-key parameter in the create-agent command. You must enter the private activation key for the private endpoint type in this configuration.

Testing in our sandbox test site is always free. However, when you integrate with a live site or sites, there is a fee of $11 per integration, per location that entitles you to make 1,000 Public API calls per day, per location. Every call over 1,000 costs an additional 1/3 cent each.

When a business owner activates the integration of an active developer account with clients, the completion of the activation process results in a charge to the developer of $11 per integration, per location for the month in which the owner activates the integration. This occurs because clicking the activation link in the process triggers a GetActivationCode API call, which counts as a call to the SiteId and causes the charge. For more information about the activation process, see the process detailed in Getting Started or refer to the customer support article Setting up an API integration.

  • Our Public API Sandbox can be used to test Public API requests against test data. The login credentials for the test subscriber owner acccount that is already set up in the sandbox are as follows:Studio ID: -99

  • Username: Siteowner

  • Password: apitest1234

  • Note that the sandbox site is refreshed nightly to clear any changes that developers have made while testing.All Public API users also have access to the Test parameter within all calls. This parameter can be set to true or false.When set to true, the request ensures that its parameters are valid without affecting the business database.

  • When set to false, the request performs as intended and may affect live client data.

Download is a 14.3MB executable which scans 100% clean through Virus Total. The installation process is also clean, with no bundled extras or nasty surprises to worry about. Something which did come as a bit of a surprise occurred early on in the installation process, when I was asked to input my full name and email address so they could send me an activation code:

Regarding Chrome I found an oddity. Downloads from Chrome were completely blocked. Downloads from FireFox landed correctly in the sandboxed download folder. Another handicvap is that when you use Gmail all kinds of references are blocked (since they refer to information in the regular system folders).

ol-repo-cos77-gcp-cust01-grp-spw-keys gcp-cust01-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-kacd01-grp-spw-keys gcp-kacd01-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-kcap-grp-spw-keys gcp-kcap-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-kcfn-grp-spw-keys gcp-kcfn-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-keng-grp-spw-keys gcp-keng-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-kinf-sandbox-grp-spw-keys gcp-kinf-sandbox-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-koss01-grp-spw-keys gcp-koss01-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-ksvc01-grp-spw-keys gcp-ksvc01-sys-grpol-repo-cos77-gcp-kwfr-grp-spw-keys gcp-kwfr-sys-grp

ol: openlogic/rogue wave patch providerrepo: repositorycos: Cent OS77: OS version 7.7gcp: google compute platformcust01: customer projectgrp: groupspw: spacewalk serverkeys: spacewalk server activation keys

If you want to get back to the sandbox as a reference after you have imported some of your own data, you just have to clear your current project view by creating a new project (see Creating New Projects).

The articles in this section describe how to install Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder from the user interface. Also included are instructions for installing Tableau Desktop Public Edition, which doesn't require activation.

This document describes how to configure and remove Time-based activation-key on Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) for AnyConnect Premium Peers. Time-based activation-key is used to activate features for a specific time period.

In the above output, we have the new time-based license valid for 2 weeks (14 days). After completion of 14 days, AnyConnect Premium license would be overwritten with the permanent activation-key on the ASA.

Enter the Microsoft Windows Product Key. The product key is located on the Windows license documentation you received after purchasing the on-box sandboxing license. You may type the key in upper- or lowercase, but you must include the dashes.

If you are opening Neo4j Desktop for the first time, it should ask you to register the software with an activation key.This activation key is generated when you first download Neo4j Desktop and will be displayed on the download confirmation page.Keep it somewhere safe.

The left sidebar of Neo4j Desktop shows high-level icons for projects, graph applications, settings, activation keys, and Neo4j info.At the top, the folder with a bookmark () shows the list of projects you have created.

When you first register your application at the RingCentral for Developers portal, your app automatically is assigned an active sandbox application key. This sandbox application key allows you to authenticate in the RingCentral Sandbox environment to test your app before going to production.

Production application keys are issued automatically in a Pending states, but that they will be approved manualy by RingCentral Support staff. Please be ready to wait up to 3 to 7 days until your production key is activated. You may be asked to run some production-like traffic in the sandbox environment in order for your app to be graduated for production.

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