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Surah Yaseen Download Pdf |WORK|

There are 114 surahs in the Quran Kareem. Each surah has its importance and characteristics. These surahs were revealed on the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) at different occasions and different problems.

Surah Yaseen Download Pdf

You can download the Surah Yaseen PDF on any Android device. UrduPoint facilitates the users to download the surah or the whole Quran freely. A person can read Surah Yaseen PDF Download from here as it will not need an internet connection all the time.

The audio of the Surah Yaseen is also present in the voice of many Qaris. The audio version of surah Yaseen helps the many new seekers and readers of the Holy Quran to learn the true pronunciation of the Surah.

This page is a perfect place for people who want to read or downloadSurah YaseenPDF. If you are a person who have a good command onlanguage then it is better for you to download thetranslation ofSurah Yaseenin the PDF form. However, it allows you to read it as per your convenience on mobile phone, tablet, and PC even without the need of internet.

TheSurah YaseenPDF with translation allows you to understand the true message of Allah in your own language. Another great thing is that if you want to download thetranslation PDF of other surahs, you can get them at their respective pages.

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Third, whatever influences he has left behind of his good and bad actions on his future generation, on his society and on mankind as a whole, will go on being recorded in his account as far as they reach and as long as they remain active and operative. The full record of the good and bad training given by him to his children, the good or evil that he has spread in the society, and its impact on mankind as a whole, will go on being maintained till the time that it goes on producing good or evil results in the world. (surah yaseen)

Now, evidently, the people who were neither appointed messengers by Allah nor sent by His Messenger cannot be regarded as messengers of Allah by any interpretation even if they might have travelled for the purpose of preaching of their own accord. Moreover, according to the Bible, Antioch was the first city where the non-Israelites embraced Christianity in large numbers and where the Christian faith met with great success; whereas the habitation mentioned by the Quran was some such habitation which rejected the invitation of the messengers, and was consequently punished with a divine torment. History also does not bear any evidence that Antioch was ever afflicted with a destruction, which might be regarded, as the result of denying the Prophethood. (surah yasin)

The people of Aad had said the same about the Prophet Hud (peace be upon him): This person is no more than a human being like yourselves, for he eats of what you eat and drinks of what you drink. Now if you submit to a human being like yourselves, you will indeed be the losers. (Surah Al-Mominoon, Ayats 33-34). (surah yaseen)

This is another notion of ignorance in which the disbelievers of Makkah were involved. In it are also involved the so-called rationalists of today and in it have been involved the deniers of revelation and Prophethood of every age since the earliest times. These people have held the view that Allah does not send down any revelation at all for the guidance of man. He is only concerned with the affairs of the heavens: He has left the affairs and problems of man to be resoled by man himself. (surah yasin)

That is, you in fact want to avoid the good and you like the deviation instead of the guidance. Therefore, instead of determining the truth and falsehood by means of an argument, you are making these false pretenses on account of your superstitious whims. (surah yaseen)

This sentence again contains a subtle point of the wisdom of preaching. Saying this the man made the people realize: The Lord in Whom I have believed is not merely my Lord but your Lord, too. I have committed no error by believing in Him, but you, in fact, are certainly committing an error by not believing in Him. (surah yaseen)

This verse also is one of those verses which clearly prove the existence of barzakh. This shows that the period of time between death and Resurrection is not a period of nonexistence altogether, as some ignorant people think. But in this period the spirit lives without the body, speaks and hears speech, has feelings and desires, feels happy and unhappy, and also continues to be concerned about the people of the world. Had it not been so, the believer would not have been given the good news of Paradise after death, and he could not have wished that his people became aware of his good end. (surah yaseen)

Glory be to Him: He is free from every defect and fault, from every error and weakness, and that another one should be His associate and partner in His work. The Quran has generally used these words when refuting polytheistic beliefs, because every belief of shirk is, in fact, an imputation of some defect, some weakness and some fault to Allah. When a person says that Allah has an associate, he in fact, thinks that either Allah is incapable of running and ruling His Kingdom alone, or He is under compulsion to make another His associate in His work. (surah yaseen)

The day cannot pass and the night cannot fall until the sun hides from the earth. The great regularity which is found in the alternation of the day and night was not possible unless the sun and the earth were bound in one and the same relentless system. Then the deep relationship which exists between the alternation of the day and night and the other creations on the earth clearly points to the fact that this system has been established deliberately by a Being with perfect wisdom. (surah yaseen)

This indicates that the first vessel ever to be made in the world was the one made by the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him). Before that time man did not know any method of crossing the rivers and the seas. This method was first of all taught by Allah to the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him), and when some servants, of Allah were rescued in it from the flood, their future generations started making boats and ships for their sea journeys. (surah yaseen)

To understand this one should remember that the righteous believers will not be withheld in the Plain of Resurrection, but in the very beginning they will be sent to Paradise without accountability, or after a mild reckoning, because their record will be clean. There will be no need to keep them waiting during the hearing by the Court. Therefore, Allah will tell the culprits, who will be required to render their accounts, in the Plain of Resurrection: Look! the righteous people whom you used to mock and regard as foolish in the world, are today enjoying the pleasures of Paradise because of their wisdom, and you, who in your own judgment were very prudent and sagacious, are being condemned to accountability for your misdeeds. (surah yaseen pdf)

Every living person means: Every person who is capable of thinking and understanding, who is not like a stone, which neither hears nor understands nor moves from its place however rationally and sympathetically one may explain the distinction between the truth and falsehood and give admonition before him. (surah yaseen read online)

The address is to the Prophet (peace be upon him). Here the allusion is to the campaign of vilification which the chiefs of the disbelievers of Makkah were carrying on against him. They knew in their hearts and acknowledged in their private assemblies that the charges they brought against him were absolutely baseless. In order to create suspicions against him in the minds of the people, they branded him a poet, sorcerer, magician, madman, etc. (surah yasin pdf)

The Yaseen every day helps you solve the problems of this worldly life and eases the tests of life or a life partner. The recitation invokes the blessing of Allah SWT on the reciter. This surah is also known for abolishing multiple fears from the heart. You can download the PDF of Surah Yaseen in high quality using given link below.

The Yaseen every day helps you solve the problems of this worldly life and eases the tests of life or a life partner. The recitation invokes the blessing of Allah SWT on the reciter. This surah is also known for abolishing multiple fears from the heart. Surah Yaseen PDF can be downloaded from the link given at the bottom of this page.

Friends, here we have uploaded the سورہ یٰسین PDF / Surah Yaseen PDF in Urdu for all of you. Every day, Surah Yaseen helps you to solve the problems of worldly life and makes life or the tests of a partner easier. The recitation demands the blessings of Allah on the reciter. This surah is also known to remove many fears from the heart.

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