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How To Buy Silver Bars Online __FULL__

Silver is a smart choice for portfolio diversification. It has applications in a variety of industries. On top of that, it is even more acknowledged than gold as currency. As such, the 1 troy ounce silver bar comes in different types for purchase:

how to buy silver bars online


To fulfill a manifold of interests of collectors and investors, of which may hint towards an old-fashioned and simple approach, traditional cast silver bullion bars might offer the best of both worlds, while still talking quality and purity of our product. SD Bullion offers a range of products from different refineries, upholding the same assured excellence.

Drawn to by those who seek uniqueness in their investment. Hand-poured bullion bars are capable of offering top-notch quality and purity in their structure. At the same time, they unveil their oneness in various shapes and sizes. Refineries offering an industry-best standard will gauge that no two bars are alike. That delivers a pleasing result for all investments done in this area.

Perth Mint Dragon: Being the first bar-shaped silver bullion coin from the renowned Australian mint, this 1-ounce bar of 0.9999 silver fineness is awe-inspiring both in terms of quality and in its design. Its striking design serves to honor iconic symbols of Chinese culture: a dragon and a flaming pearl. Denoting from strength to good luck to prosperity, this exclusive mintage deserves a spot in every silver collection and precious metal portfolio.

SilverTowne United States Flag: One of the most respected dealers of rare coins and precious metals products in the industry. SilverTowne delivers a beautiful product that is certain to nurture patriotic emotions. With a replica of the American Flag on its reverse, this bar piece is a great way of displaying your patriotism, while obtaining a healthy amount of pure silver in the bargain. Each of these SilverTowne Silver Bars uses one troy ounce of pure 0.999 silver.

Aztec Calendar: The stunning and notable piece produced by the Golden State Mint features an intricate design resembling the Aztec Calendar Stone. This exciting bar contains 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver and one of the most detailed designs sold by SD Bullion.

There are many ways to get into the bullion industry. You can purchase the physical precious metal in bars, rounds, or coins. Different strategies of investing their money tend to lead investors to take a certain route. The purchase of bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle coin - or a silver dollar - and the American Eagle gold coin tend to be popular options for a big number of investors. Silver rounds, as well as its golden counterpart, tend to be a popular option among investors.

Silver bars can come in many weights and sizes. That allows different investment profiles to settle on a specific approach. At SD Bullion, such weights available for purchase may range from 1 oz to 1000 oz.

Seeing that there are countless benefits of investing in the physical silver bullion market, should one decide to take their first steps into buying precious metals, SD Bullion is your safest, cheapest and honest option.

Today, silver continues to thrive due to its usability and affordability. The demand for investment silver now rivals the demand made by the industrial sector, making it the metal of choice for many investors. Browse our selection of silver bars, coins, or our exclusive Sprott Silver.

Silver's growing industrial demand sets it apart from other precious metals. Every year, new uses for silver's unique chemical properties are discovered, ranging from biotech to electronics. Because there isn't enough silver to meet growing demands, many investors feel that silver is a good choice for their portfolio.

Historically, 12 ounces of silver equal 1 ounce of gold, a 12:1 ratio that dates back centuries. The current ratio of 75:1 indicates that silver is vastly undervalued. Many analysts and experts believe silver should be trading at several times its current price.

Silver is considered relatively safe.When political and economic insecurity is widespread in the world, investors tend to eschew legal tender in favour of tangible assets such as silver or gold.

Silver provides a greater rate of return than gold.Because buying silver is inexpensive, it can provide a far greater percentage gain if the silver price increases. Indeed, the price of silver has historically outpaced the price of gold during bull markets. No wonder lots of investors hedge their bets by including silver bullion in their precious metals portfolio.

Silver has been used as legal currency for thousands of years.This precious metal has long been recognized for its intrinsic worth, and thus there is an expectation that, unlike fiat currencies, it will remain strong. When investors invest in real silver, whether through buying a silver ingot, pure silver, silver coins, or another form of silver, they feel a sense of security that its value will grow.

Silver bars also come in much larger sizes than most coins or rounds, which is another factor that contributes to them costing less per ounce. Silver bars range in size from just 1 gram to 1000+ troy ounces.

Government mints produce silver coins that have a face value and can be used as legal tender. However, because these silver coins cost more to produce than silver bars, they are more expensive to buy.

Though silver coins are more costly per ounce than silver bars, they provide additional security and the assurance that they were produced by a government mint. A lot of new investors like to start with silver coins as they love the way they look and enjoy the confidence that comes with purchasing a government-minted item.

Silver rounds are privately minted and, when viewed as a bullion item, are very similar to silver bars. The main distinction between bars and rounds is that rounds can carry some very distinctive and unusual designs. This is because private mints have greater creative freedom when it comes to choosing the subject matter for their rounds, and many are quite inventive.

The spot price of silver is used to determine the retail price of silver bullion. We base our prices on the silver spot price, utilizing the most current and accurate data feed available. The current silver price is displayed at the top of each page on our website. This display is "real-time" and constantly updated.

As a leading gold, silver, and platinum dealer, you can be confident of our exceptional products and services. Our high-quality bullion products are competitively priced and delivered in a timely, discreet fashion.

Investing in silver is gaining popularity, and buying silver coins is not the only option for those looking to make an investment in silver. Silver bars are a smart way to invest in silver, for both the experienced investor who wants large quantities, as well as for the first-time investor. The multiple sizing options and low premiums make silver bars a smart way to invest in silver.

Silver bars are typically 99.9 percent pure silver that has been melted down and minted into bar form in myriad sizes. Silver bullion investors are always purchasing and selling these bars, making them one of the most popular ways to invest in physical silver.

Investors in silver also like to collect silver bars, since different mints have different logos, and because certain editions of bars have stopped being produced, making them more valuable than just the current cost of silver.

Both private mints and government mints make silver bars. Some private mints known for their quality are the Sunshine Mint and SilverTowne. Mints such as the US Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the British Royal Mint sell silver bullion, but only certain government mints (like the Royal Canadian Mint) sell silver bullion in the form of bars.

Silver bullion bars have a lower premium than coins in most cases, because it is cheaper to create silver bars than it is to mint coins. The larger the size of the silver bar, the lower the cost of production per ounce, since so many ounces are accounted for in a single bar. So, the larger the silver bar, the lower the premium paid per ounce.

First-time investors should be aware that sterling silver is not the purest form of silver. Almost 8 percent of sterling silver is actually copper. Silver bullion purity is denoted as .999 or .9999, meaning 99.9 percent or 99.99 percent pure. Generally, each mint is going to have its own design stamped on the bars. Along with that, the size and the purity will be stamped on the bars, as well.

Silver bars are available from online retailers, such as ourselves, directly from private mints, physical silver and gold shops, auction sites like eBay, and in some countries directly from banks. Bars produced by certain mints are more readily available than others. can help an investor find the correct size and mint, as well as offer introductions to previously unconsidered options. Some sizes are far more common than others, making them more readily available to purchase. Ten and 100-ounce sizes are much more common than 25 and 50.

If silver bars seem like the ideal way for you to expand your precious metals holdings, then is happy to help. Our customer service team can answer any questions you might have on the phone at 888-989-7223, online through our live chat, and via our email address. If you have questions about payment methods, we invite you to first view our Payment Methods FAQ, and then reach out to our customer service team for any necessary clarification.

Do you want to join the prestigious family (MMTC-PAMP) of the precious metal industry? The Silver bars are one of the best ways to get started to get your foot on the door. Silver is one of the most affordable precious/valuable metals available in the market. The prices of silver are also usually independent of stocks, and so they can provide you with secure and better investment. 041b061a72

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