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Biblia Al Dia Pdf 35

37. As for the reasons for creating the Spanish edition, the most obvious one is to assist Spanish-speaking Saints in reading the Bible in their native language. This is not surprising because many of those members have served in mission throughout the world, and it is not hard to believe that they want a Bible in their own language. Missionaries who serve in areas of the world where English is not widely spoken undoubtedly have the same desire. 38 Spanish-speaking Missionaries serve in close proximity to Spanish speakers and already can use the Deseret Bible. (While members living on missions abroad can still buy the Deseret Bible, many prefer the Santa Biblia and arrange to have it shipped to them.)

biblia al dia pdf 35


38. Also, many Spanish-speaking Saints would have a unique advantage in following the teachings of Jesus Christ when they read the Bible in their own language. In addition to the numerous references to the name Jesus in the Bible, the Santa Biblia includes

The Footnotes in the Bible Apocrypha edition are, like the chapter headings, based on those found in the English LDS Bible. They include cross-references to the Bible and other LDS scripture, alternate translations of Hebrew and Greek words, explanations of difficult idioms, alternate meanings of archaic expressions, citations from the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, and other miscellaneous notes. The Family Saga Edition, however, does innovate by adding more detail to existing English notes and by correcting mistakes in them, including mistakes that remain in the English version up through the 2013 edition. Ser interesante observar que los primeros once captulos del Gnesis abarcan unos dos mil trescientos aos, casi igual al espacio de tiempo abarcado por todo el resto de la Biblia. Por qu se apresura de esa manera el Espritu al repasar los acontecimientos de la alborada de la historia Porque como encontramos en nuestro estudio anteriormente, la Biblia es principalmente una historia de redencin y la historia de las naciones es adicional a ese tema. El Espritu trata rpidamente todos estos acontecimientos hasta que llega a Abraham. Luego se detiene y dedica ms espacio a esa sola persona que a dos mil trescientos aos de historia humana. La razn es evidente. El Padre de los creyentes desempea una parte importante en la historia de la redencin.

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