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Michael Learns To Rock That

In 1988, singer Jascha Richter with the intent of forming a band to perform his songs, asked his high school friend and drummer Kåre Wanscher in Aarhus, Denmark to perform with him. Realizing the limitations of playing as a duo, they recruited the guitarist Mikkel Lentz, who was then playing rock music with his group the Rocking Studs. On 15 March 1988, their first night of practice made them realize they needed a fourth musician, so they asked Søren Madsen, another guitarist who was into Led Zeppelin, to join in on bass guitar.[1] Although Madsen was not an obvious choice for a pop band, he was invited on the basis that he had been part of the band Hip Hop that had reached the finals of a Danish competition to nominate a song to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Michael Learns To Rock That

Since Richter already had a number of original songs, eliminating the need to jam, they were able to quickly record a demo tape intending it to be sent to the 'Rock Grand Prix' competition in their hometown Aarhus, they had to hurriedly come up with a name before posting it; Richter wrote as the name of the sender 'Michael Learns to Rock', partly inspired by a line from his school English textbook and partly because they were a pop band taking part in a rock concert. Lentz and Richter have admitted that the band was named after Michael Jackson: "I think Richter was thinking of Michael Jackson, because he was called 'the king of pop' and it was kind of funny, because it was like, what would he sound like if he learned to rock? It was wordplay," Lentz has stated. Richter claimed in an interview : "Yeah, it was like Johnny Hates Jazz and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Sure, I've regretted calling ourselves this many times since, but we were successful so quickly, we had to stick with it and over time I got used to it."[1]

Danish soft rock band Michael Learns To Rock will be touring the Philippines anew with their latest concert series 'Back On The Road Tour 2022.'\r\r\r\rThe iconic band will be performing in Manila on October 26 at the Araneta Coliseum, Cebu on October 28 at the Waterfront Hotel Ballroom, and Davao on October 30 at the SMX Convention Center Davao.\r\rMichael Learns To Rock will serenade their Filipino fans with their well-loved classics. The band's greatest hits include \"That's Why (You Go Away),\" \"Take Me To Your Heart,\" \"25 Minutes,\" \"Sleeping Child,\" \"Paint My Love,\" \"The Actor,\" \"Out of The Blue,\" \"Complicated Heart,\" \"Nothing To Lose,\" \"Breaking My Heart,\" \"You Took My Heart Away,\" and many more.\r\rWith global record sales of 11 million physical albums since their debut album in 1991, more than a billion paid downloads, over 200 million video views on YouTube and more than 300 million streams on Spotify, Michael Learns To Rock's story is one of the most successful bands to ever come out of Denmark. The secret about Michael Learns To Rock is simply their incredible gift to write, record and play great pop songs and get them through to people all over the world.\r\rDiamond soul siren Nina will be joining the band's Philippine tour as special guest. Known for her wide vocal range and her signature use of the whistle register, Nina is behind the chart-topping singles \"Jealous,\" \"Foolish Heart\" and \"Make You Mine\".\r\rThe concert is presented by Wilbros Live with Midas Promotions. Tickets will go on-sale on Saturday at 10 a.m.","article_custom_fields":"\"\":[\"\"],\"seo_meta_keywords\":[\"\"],\"seo_meta_description\":[\"\"],\"seo_meta_title\":[\"\"],\"sponsored_flag\":[\"\"],\"offer_flag\":[\"\"],\"featured_article_flag\":[\"\"],\"drupal_json\":[\"\\\"type\\\":null,\\\"properties\\\":\\\"PUBLISHED\\\":0,\\\"PROMOTED\\\":0,\\\"STICKY\\\":0,\\\"fields\\\":[]\"],\"wp_custom_json\":[\"\\\"type\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"fields\\\":[]\"],\"article_tags\":[\"\"],\"show_image\":[\"off\"],\"Disable_Ad\":[\"off\"],\"disable_player\":[\"off\"],\"column\":[\"\"],\"kicker\":[\"\"],\"edel\":[\"\"],\"delu\":[\"\"],\"delt\":[\"Read this in The Manila Times digital edition.\"],\"premium\":[\"off\"],\"Redirect_URL\":[\"\"],\"page_number\":\"0\",\"initial_publication\":\"\",\"date_created\":\"2022-08-31 17:01:22\",\"date_modified\":\"2022-08-31 17:02:40\",\"last_modified_user\":\"Ian Christopher Sore\\u00f1o\",\"section_color\":\"\",\"target_page\":\"0\",\"cxense_metatags\":null","cms_type":"live","author_id":0,"section_id":12,"seo_meta_keywords":"Michael,Learns,To,Rock,returns,to,PH","seo_meta_description":"Michael Learns To Rock returns to PH","seo_meta_title":"Michael Learns To Rock returns to PH","publish_time":"2022-09-01 00:03:00","related_articles_ids":"","article_tags":"","sub_section_id":19,"visit_count":250,"sponsored_flag":0,"offer_flag":0,"featured_article_flag":0,"media_gallery_flag":0,"video_gallery_flag":0,"highlight_flag":0,"top_story_flag":0,"is_updated":0,"is_old_article":0,"old_article_id":0,"article_byline":"","ts":"2022-10-16 18:42:50","last_edited":"2022-08-31 17:02:40","alt_publish_time":"2022-08-31 17:02:43","image_path":"\\\"image_path\\\":\\\"manilatimes\\\\\/uploads\\\\\/images\\\\\/2022\\\\\/08\\\\\/31\\\\\/103406.jpg\\\",\\\"cms_type\\\":\\\"live\\\",\\\"small_image\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"is_updated\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"image_cropping\\\":\\\"\\\\\\\"original_image\\\\\\\":\\\\\\\"image_original_width\\\\\\\":550,\\\\\\\"image_original_height\\\\\\\":357,\\\\\\\"icd_image_type\\\\\\\":\\\\\\\"original_image\\\\\\\"\\\",\\\"is_copied\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"media_type\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"image_caption\\\":\\\"Danish soft rock band Michael Learns\\\\nTo Rock INSTAGRAM PHOTO\\\\\/\\\\nMICHAELLEARNSTOROCK\\\",\\\"image_alt_text\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"image_count\\\":1","author_name":"","section_name":"Entertainment-Lifestyle","sub_section_name":"Show Times","slide_show":0,"breaking_news":0,"visit_count_update_date":null,"old_cms_article_id":null,"permalink":"2022\/09\/01\/entertainment-lifestyle\/show-times\/michael-learns-to-rock-returns-to-ph\/1856711","show_image_in_thumb":0,"api_status":2,"a_custom_data":"\"exclude_from_gallery\":null,\"lead_image_id\":null","publication_id":2,"max_publish_time":"2022-09-01 00:03:00","page_number":"0","homepage_article_flag":0,"article_shortlink":null,"cropped_image":0}; Entertainment & Lifestyle Entertainment Michael Learns To Rock returns to PH Read Next RCEF called a 'game changer' var VUUKLE_CONFIG = apiKey: "ddc3d585-821a-474d-b7da-9360d9e4f2e7", articleId: 1856711, ; September 1, 2022 250 $(function () $('.copy_text').click(function (e) e.preventDefault(); var copyText = $(this).attr('data-href'); document.addEventListener('copy', function(e) e.clipboardData.setData('text/plain', copyText); e.preventDefault(); , true); document.execCommand('copy'); $(this).addClass('active') setTimeout(function() $('.copy_text').removeClass('active') , 3000); ); ); Danish soft rock band Michael Learns To Rock will be touring the Philippines anew with their latest concert series 'Back On The Road Tour 2022.'

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