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Where To Buy Salted Caramel Pepsi

The first flavour the company has released is a new salted caramel flavour. The variant, available only in the US, combines the taste of cola with a caramel finish. This new flavour uses less sugar than a traditional Pepsi, however, it does combine a syrup combination of natural and artificial flavourings.

where to buy salted caramel pepsi

Pepsi has announced via a press release that they have started rolling out a new salted caramel flavor in the U.S. With the holiday season gaining, the brand appears to be aiming their taste buds in a more sugary direction. News of the sweet-inspired flavor usually reserved for ice creams and chocolate boxes comes hot on the heels of Pepsi Japan's recent cake-flavored "Christmas Cola," and salted caramel sounds like it will be a similarly syrupy affair.

One Instagram user gave the salty pop a whirl and came back with this verdict: "My palate wasn't ready for the subtle hint of eating ROLO's in a zoo bathroom. #nomegusta #pepsi #saltedcaramelpepsi #nope."

Of the minority, which is (expectedly) only a few, a user wrote all but glowing reviews of Pepsi's latest flavor: "best Pepsi ever. Actually taste like salted caramel." Another person wrote, "OMG! Look at this new #Pepsi flavor. It taste like caramel popcorn XD."

The company said the salted-caramel variant blends the classic taste of cola with a caramel finish, but something about "caramel finish" in a salted caramel Pepsi suggests a weird, indescribable aftertaste. If odd, can't-put-your-finger-on-it flavors are your shtick, then Salted Caramel Pepsi is your go-to, my friend. 041b061a72

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