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Buy New Freightliner Truck

Welcome to DTNAConnect, the Daimler Trucks North American secure portal that provides access to the full spectrum of online applications, resources and tools. DTNAConnect is simply the starting point for working with all brands and franchises that fall under the Daimler Trucks North America umbrella. From here you can navigate to online resources for Detroit, Thomas Built Buses, SelecTrucks and Sterling in addition to Freightliner and Western Star. Whether you use DTNA online resources to complete repairs, purchase parts, submit warranty claims, spec new vehicles or track the status of your truck orders, DTNAConnect enhances your online experience by streamlining the tasks and activities that are part of your daily work routine.

buy new freightliner truck

Since 1954, Fyda Freightliner has been partnering with customers in the heavy truck, commercial vehicle industry to help them succeed. Today, the company is an award-winning and nationally-recognized Daimler Trucks North America, Isuzu Commercial Trucks, Kalmar Ottawa Yard Trucks and Crane Carrier Company authorized dealer. We carry new Freightliner, Western Star and Isuzu commercial trucks, and Battle Motors (formerly Crane Carrier Co.) vocational severe-service vehicles. For all terminal truck needs, our Columbus and Cincinnati locations offer sales, rentals, service and parts for Kalmar Ottawa yard trucks. Our dealerships are located in Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania, with additional territory in Indiana, West Virginia, and New York. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our Unifying Principles, we partner with our customers and vendors to provide the best service possible. Fyda Freightliner full-service heavy commercial truck dealerships offer new and pre-owned truck sales, heavy truck repair and maintenance services, and heavy truck parts departments stocking over $18.5 million of OE and all-makes truck parts. Select locations also feature body shops to handle heavy truck collision and body repair, and professional heavy truck detail shops. Fyda Freightliner is fully Elite Support Certified by DTNA at all seven of our dealerships and our Columbus, Zanesville and Pittsburgh locations are part of the Freightliner Custom Chassis Oasis Service Network. [ Learn More ]

Dalton Morris, a Finance Coordinator with Pedigree Truck and Trailer Sales, says one of the biggest mistakes first-time semi-truck buyers make is thinking the loan process will be just like getting a mortgage or personal auto loan.

This is where commercial truck leasing can be an attractive option. For example, Success Leasing lets you lease a semi-truck under the authority of Prime, Inc. That way, you can start hauling loads and earning money by agreeing to pay a weekly lease.

Interested in learning more about our inventory of trucks and trailers? Feel free to browse our selection, which includes trucks from brands like Freightliner. We also stock a variety of used semi-trailers, including flatbeds, reefers, and tankers.

Our online truck configurator tool allows you to build the perfect solution for your business. Start with the VNL or VNR series and choose your cab, powertrain and axle specs. Next select paint colors, interior trim level, and safety features.

In addition to offering an extensive inventory of new and used Freightliner trucks, the best-selling brand of heavy-duty trucks in North America, Young Freightliner is an Elite Support Certified dealer offering Express Assessments.

Welcome to a better experience for new and used trucks, parts, and service backed by a team of experts who do things right the first time. For more than 65 years, Young Trucks has helped fleet owners and independent owner-operators travel from coast-to-coast with confidence.

In the late 1930s, Leland James, president of Portland, Oregon-based trucking company Consolidated Freightways, approached truck manufacturers with his idea of building truck components with lightweight aluminum instead of traditional steel. Met with resistance and skepticism, James hired a team of engineers and built the vehicles himself.

Truck Dealers (also known as dealerships) are facilities in American Truck Simulator, where the player can purchase new trucks. They appear on the map with a question mark icon (same icon as recruitment agencies) until the player discovers them by driving past them, after which they will appear with this icon: . Afterwards, the manufacturer the dealership belongs to will be visible in the 'Truck Dealer' menu.

The FTR Transportation Intelligence has estimated that 483,093 Class 8 (heavy-duty trucks) were sold in North America in 2018. For an owner-operator planning to start a trucking company, having a good truck is vital. The prospect of buying a new truck can be exciting as well as exhausting. With many different makes and models available in the market, it can be a task to decide which semi truck brand will be the best for a new owner operator. There is no universal choice that will suit all owner-operators. In this aspect, one size does not fit all. Finding the perfect truck depends on a number of factors.

Owning a truck can be a large investment. Thus, the decision has to look to the future. The truck should give solid service to the trucking company for at least a few years. The lifespan of an average truck is 10-12 years, but many owners do not keep a truck for that long. A truck is traditionally used for 5-6 years or 600,000 miles on average for long haul service. Most big trucking companies replace existing trucks with newer models after 3 years. They do this in an attempt to attract new drivers and retain old ones. This can help the trucking company to retain reliability, while keeping maintenance costs down. An average diesel truck generally comes with a warranty of 250,000 miles or 2 years. This warranty can be extended to 4-5 years or 500,000 miles. Generally, major trucking companies sell trucks when they have run for 400,000 to 600,000 miles. These used trucks are usually sent to the market where smaller companies/owner-operators buy them. The smaller trucking companies use these trucks until major maintenance is required. Most trucks can run for about 1,000,000 miles before major engine work is needed. This may vary depending on the make and model. If trucks are maintained diligently, they can run for a life-time. But that does require constant replacement of parts. The first truck can also be very special for many. Thus, it can be useful to weigh all options to find the perfect truck.

Kenworth is one of the oldest truck manufacturing companies of America. It was also the first company to install diesel engines in their vehicles in 1933. In 1936, they introduced their first sleeper cabs. In 1976, Kenworth incorporated a raised roof aerodyne sleeper which was a first in the industry. It set the new standard for driver comfort. In 1985, the T600 was launched which was the first aerodynamically enhanced semi-truck. It could run 10 miles per gallon. The subsequent launch of T660 further enhanced the line of vehicles from Kenworth. 2012 saw the launch of T680 boasting an incredibly smooth drive, better fuel economy, and advanced aerodynamics. The vocational truck, W990 was launched in the market in 2018.

Kenworth trucks also got featured on the silver screen. In 1977, Smokey and the Bandit featured the W900. James Bond also drove the W900B in License to Kill, released in 1989. To commemorate this brush with stardom, Kenworth launched the 007 Limited Edition of W900L in 2015.

Comfortable interiors- The Kenworth trucks took the industry by the storm when they introduced sleeper cabs in 1936. Since then they have added to the driver comfort segment. Their cabs are roomy and spacious which makes the driver feel more comfortable. The raised roof in the on-highway trucks ensure that truck drivers can move more freely inside the cab. Having a spacious interior allows a driver to keep appliances like refrigerators and microwaves. Their W900 and T680 models are great favorites among seasoned truck drivers.

PACCAR Powertrain- Kenworth trucks use the PACCAR Powertrain. The PACCAR MX Engines are light in weight but extremely heavy-duty. This offers a B10 life of 1,000,000 miles. The purpose-built automatic transmission makes life on the road easier as well. PACCAR promises that their axles are the lightest in the industry. This ensures movement of loads in less effort.

Web-based tracking of problems and help centers- Drivers using Kenworth trucks can get to know the source of any mechanical or technical problem with the vehicle. Moreover, drivers do not have to hunt around for help centers. They can easily navigate to the nearest help center with the help of a the Kenworth app. With 700 dealerships all across North America, help is usually close by.

Improved Engine - The Volvo engines are light-weight and fuel efficient. They are designed and engineered in a way that reliability is improved. This also minimizes the cost of ongoing operation for the truck driver.

Benefits of I-Shift transmission- The I-Shift transmission makes driving easier as it helps the driver adjust the way their trucks accelerate. It has a 2,300 lbs-torque rating. This technology helps to save fuel as it gives the optimal gear shift based on the engine load, speed of the truck, and other factors.

Environmentally friendly- Volvo offers the option of natural gas fueling in most new trucks. Volvo is moving towards alternative trucking and fueling options. This ensures lower carbon emissions of trucks.

Volvo has a worldwide well-knit dealership network- An owner operator driving a Volvo truck will have access to worldwide dealerships for maintenance and upkeep of the truck. This is a bonus for drivers hauling international load. With the support of a well-knit dealership network across the globe, a truck driver will not have to worry about keeping spares or different accessories.

The VNL series offers further luxury and technical convenience to truck drivers. Launched in 2019, it is the latest Volvo has to offer. Volvo, in believing the fact that when drivers sleep better they work better, has made truck driving extremely comfortable. The VNL 760 is very spacious. It is also convenient for team driving. A driver of 6 feet 2 inches can easily sleep in the lower bunk. A driver of the same height will be able to sit up straight in the upper bunk with a lot of head room left. It has the Reefer seat with a refrigerator compartment just below it so that it is very easy for a driver to take out snacks and drinks. The modular cup holders allow cups and bottles of all width to be held. 041b061a72

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