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The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories-CODEX

this pack isnt working Im playing with no mods they cant invite sims to be apart of the event like flower pal and ring bears exct as well when making a weeding ncake it freezes up after in the midle of frosting it and when i click pick wedding toper just shows a red X on the photos and doesnt allow u to click them and for planing invite when click invite people no one shows up and i have friends and family

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories-CODEX

My Wedding Stories looks like it'll offer a far more dynamic, detailed and customizable wedding experience for Sims and players. The new pack introduces players to a few premade families living in Tartosa, a new in-game world with picturesque locations to tie the knot.

Now players can plan pre-wedding events like engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and "Bach" parties (a gender-neutral version of bachelor and bachelorette parties). These special events will include new options to give toasts, speeches, dance, cut the cake and toss the bouquet. Players can also build a wedding party -- choose an officiant, a Sim of Honor, a ring bearer and flower pals (the game's gender-neutral version of flower girl).

These new options also work in different worlds, so you're not limited to extravagant weddings in Tartosa. There's also an option to get hitched at Tartosa City Hall if your Sims aren't into all the pomp and circumstance.

Wedding planning includes choosing your special clothes. My Wedding Stories offers more dresses and tuxedos with a range of traditional and modern options. Purchase a bouquet to toss at the reception, taste-test to find the perfect cake and pick out a topper. The new pack finally differentiates a wedding cake from a birthday cake with different colors, styles and sizes.

In true Sims fashion, this pack embraces diversity with wedding options. Instead of a one-size-fits-all event, My Wedding Stories says it'll have options to host traditional Chinese weddings with customary tea ceremonies with family, for example. The pack also includes red dresses worn in Hindu ceremonies, as well as the option to include henna tattoos. Wedding clothes include stylish pantsuits if your Sim isn't a fan of dresses. It's refreshing to see gender-neutral versions of wedding roles and events.

The pack's reveal trailer told the adorable LGBTQ+ love story of Dominique and Camille: showing off guests actually sitting during the wedding, the couple walking down the aisle and dancing at the reception -- and getting the option to renew their vows later in life.

EA had originally opted not to release the wedding pack in Russia, which has a ban on 'gay propaganda,' rather than remove the same-sex storyline. On Feb 16. the company announced it was reversing that decision and bringing My Wedding Stories to Russia, "unaltered and unchanged, featuring Dom and Cam."

This mod fixes this by forcibly telling the Sims what to do. It compels them to gather for toasts or around the dance floor for first dance. It cancels things that get in the way, making them respond quickly to your commands and cuts down chatter before the wedding.

The Sims 4's newest Game Pack called "My Wedding Stories" is out now, and alongside the wedding customizations and other options it brought, it also carried with it a couple of bugs and other issues. Players have been reporting those problems since the DLC's release, and this week, Electronic Arts commented on the "top community concerns" and said that it has an update on the way planned to release a number of improvements for My Wedding Stories.

The latest Laundry List post from EA addressed some of those top problems players have identified with this DLC. Walking down the aisle in a wedding-themed DLC is a pretty big part of the Game Pack, so naturally fixing problems with that is a high priority on the list of things to do.

EA said that there are actually two updates planned for this wedding-themed DLC. The first of those will release ahead of the one described above with the more detailed list of fixes to be released afterwards. 041b061a72

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