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Scm Smart Card Reader Driver Download Mac !!HOT!!

As soon as the Mac is configured, a user simply inserts a smart card or token to create a new user account. They are prompted to enter their pin and create a unique keychain password that is wrapped by the encryption key in the smart card. Accounts can be configured for network user accounts or mobile user accounts.

Scm Smart Card Reader Driver Download Mac

This article focuses on the steps required to successfully start using your smart card on ChromeOS on your personal, unmanaged device. If you are an admin and wish to deploy smart cards on managed devices across your organization, then please refer to Deploy smart cards on ChromeOS.

The Smart Card Connector app provides Chromebooks with PCSC support. This PCSC API can then be used by other applications such as smart card middleware and Citrix to provide functionality on top e.g. browser integration and virtual session redirection. You can install the app by going to the entry on the Chrome Web Store and clicking Add to Chrome.

In addition to the connector, you need to install the proper middleware app that can communicate with smart cards and offer client certificates that can authenticate you to HTTPS websites. Google has partnered with Drivelock to bring support for a wide range of cards and profiles, including PIV and CAC, onto ChromeOS. You can install the app by going to the entry on the Chrome Web Store and clicking on Install.

Apps like Citrix and Drivelock will need to contact the Smart Card Connector to communicate with your cards and readers. As cards and readers contain sensitive user information, the connector app will show users a permission dialog before granting access to any app. If you see a permission dialog prompted by a third party app you trust, click on ALLOW to move on.

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