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't Be Good Times Its A Xxx Parody

When times get tough and you can`t find any money...Then love, laughter and some good booty will brighten up the day. Enjoy non-stop laughs and some heavy duty fuckin` and suckin` right here, right now.

't be good times its a xxx parody

Well, what better way to capitalize on the heated debate than with a good ol porn parody! The fine folks over at Digital Playground, known for other great parodies from The Bewitcher, The Last Temptation, and Queen of Thrones have come out with (NSFW) Hand Solo!

I tried out optimoz after a /. story on it, and I have to say that it needs work.. sometimes it will pick up a gesture when you are doing a quick drag of the scroll bar to the right of the html area, and I find that highly grating. *scroll down* ^new window pops up^..

The question of how to enforce legitimate copyright claims while disallowing false ones is very difficult and deserves serious study. Copyright claims can cover everything from music and poetry to novels to movies to sculptures to cartoons to fabric designs - and all the combinations of those things and much more. The copyright registration process is archaic and takes too long, and compliance is difficult. People making claims often do not understand the difference between trademarks (brand names) and copyright, and those rights are often conflated. The concept of fair use is extremely challenging, as is the concept of parody. Today, both good and bad claims are submitted under simple, limited forms posted on the websites of tech giants, whose employees make snap decisions on legal rights that affect businesses and individuals. The accused have little recourse. Small wonder there are so many complaints.

It has the potential to be a good thing, if suitably defined and policed. If social media giants are dragged through the mud enough times on this issue, it might finally force them to actually tackle trolling. Especially Facebook. They really need to do something. It's mostly Facebook trolling that leads to victim suicide, and Facebook just doesn't care. Mark Zuckerbot doesn't have any emotions, after all. But if Facebook are dragged through enough mud and faced with enough penalties, maybe they'll finally address trolling and cyber-bullying in general. It needs to be tackled.

It is almost certain Wilson was being blackmailed, amongst other things, by the security forces. His successor, James Callaghan, held a government enquiry into Wilson's claims but its scope was restricted solely to whether No 10 Downing Street had been bugged or not. It Is upon this obviously fixed enquiry that all subsequent denials of misbehaviour of MI5 have been based. As we now know, this enquiry did not even mention the fact that Wilson's private home, the home of his lawyer and a personal document store were burgled six times shortly before his resignation with various papers being removed.

Our destination seems to be a dog-eat-dog parody of the USA where working class identity and values are blitzkrieged out of existence. Obviously organised control of the media is crucial here hence the organised screams of the journalists and the BBC etc. who after cooperating over the miners' strike and Northern Ireland are being rewarded by having their noses rubbed in the shit. 350c69d7ab


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